If the E-chopper suddenly stops working, the battery connector may have come loose while driving: disconnect the battery, wait a minute, and reconnect it. The E-chopper may be able to drive again. If the battery is dead anyway, try the same as described above, but try very carefully turning the throttle a little bit; be careful NOT to turn it full! And then you could still drive back slowly. Should you catch a little hill going down, the battery will also recharge a little! Should this not help and you come to a standstill, you will have to call for roadside assistance. The number is located on the “Assistance” sticker attached to the bike, under the seat. N.B. Should the renter have driven too many km, and end up with a flat battery that would have to be picked up by the roadside assistance company, then an amount of €90.00 will be charged via payment link by E-Xplore Algarve.