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Why are only a few rentals offered each day?2023-08-27T19:14:31+01:00

Because the E-chopper has about 50 km range and so you can tour easily within the morning or afternoon rental block without having to recharge in between. Keep this in mind if you want to rent the E-chopper for a whole day, the range remains 50 km. You might want to charge at the rental location in between before continuing on. Between rental blocks, it is important that the battery is recharged by the rental location for the next rental moment.

Can I make reservations and pay later at the rental location?2023-08-27T18:57:03+01:00

When making an online reservation (using the QR code or directly through the website), this is not possible. If the booking is not completed with a payment within 10 minutes, the reservation will expire and you will lose the booking. You can only book and pay online when you make the reservation.

What are the rules of use when renting an E-chopper?2023-08-27T18:30:55+01:00

There are some rules we want users to know before they leave for their E-chopper ride. You will receive these as an attachment and through a link in your reservation confirmation.

Can I still cancel if I have already booked and paid?2023-08-27T18:50:17+01:00

In principle, no. There is no refund possible. This is clearly stated in advance on the booking screen and also in the confirmation. These cancellation rules are also in the general terms and conditions when booking.

What should I do if I suddenly stop and the E-chopper stops working?2023-08-27T16:25:45+01:00

If the E-chopper suddenly stops working, the battery connector may have come loose while driving: disconnect the battery, wait a minute, and reconnect it. The E-chopper may be able to drive again. If the battery is dead anyway, try the same as described above, but try very carefully turning the throttle a little bit; be careful NOT to turn it full! And then you could still drive back slowly. Should you catch a little hill going down, the battery will also recharge a little! Should this not help and you come to a standstill, you will have to call for roadside assistance. The number is located on the “Assistance” sticker attached to the bike, under the seat. N.B. Should the renter have driven too many km, and end up with a flat battery that would have to be picked up by the roadside assistance company, then an amount of €90.00 will be charged via payment link by E-Xplore Algarve.

I would like to rent the E-chopper outside the time slots, is this possible?2023-08-27T19:06:16+01:00

Generally, this is not possible. However if for example, you want to start the first rental block of the day half an hour earlier and return it half an hour earlier, you need to discuss this with the rental location in advance to see if this is possible. The important thing is that a full battery is available at that time. Battery-wise, it’s possible because the rental block after that won’t be compromised.

Can I get an extra battery or battery charger with me on the trip?2023-08-27T18:46:45+01:00

An additional battery is not possible. The battery is big and heavy and extra batteries are not available. In principle, a battery charger is not given because it is susceptible to theft.

How does an E-chopper work?2023-08-27T16:39:34+01:00

Click here for an instructional video on how the E-chopper works.

Can I carry a bag on the E-chopper?2023-08-27T18:22:39+01:00

A backpack is easiest! And otherwise, you can put a bag between your legs on the footboard.

I caused damage, now what?2023-08-27T16:38:48+01:00

Hopefully, you will have taken the damage-theft waiver for €3.50 when booking which reduces your Excess from €1,500 to €350. This is because the renter is liable for damage as a result of theft as well as all other damage, however, caused, inflicted, or caused to the rented vehicle, regardless of whether it is the result of the fault of the renter or third parties. Report the damage to the rental location. The damage will be recorded and you will receive a payment link from E-Xplore Algarve to pay as you did when booking the E-Chopper. Download the European damage form here: You can use this form if you have caused damage to third parties and it is important for your insurance.

Can I also return the E-chopper to a location other than the location where I rented it from?2023-08-27T19:10:52+01:00

If it is not specified then it cannot be because the inventory is tracked by location.

What is the “Damage and theft waiver” I can book when booking the E-chopper?2023-08-27T19:52:49+01:00

The renter is responsible at all times for damage or theft. The excess is € 1,500 per E-chopper. You can, optionally, for € 3,50 lower the Own Risk to € 350,- per E-chopper, this can be checked in the booking system when making the online reservation. All E-Choppers have a GPS which will be utilized as needed in any attempt to recover an E-Chopper in the event of theft.

Are there any fun routes available that we can ride?2023-08-27T18:42:51+01:00

E-Xplore Algarve has created fun E-chopper routes with different distances. You will receive a link to these routes in your confirmation email. Use google maps on your mobile so you can follow the route.

Where Can I pick up the E-chopper?2023-08-27T18:27:23+01:00

You can pick up the E-chopper at the front desk or at the bike rental of rental location. They will have the E-chopper ready with a charged battery. If it is a different location then this is mentioned in your booking confirmation when the booking is made online. The E-chopper must also be returned there at the agreed time, unless otherwise agreed with the location.

What should I do if I decide along the way I want to book longer? or won’t make the end time?2023-08-27T19:01:27+01:00

Then you can make another reservation at for an additional time slot, connected to your end time. If that is not possible, you will still need to return to the rental location (on time). Always call the rental location to inform them of the situation, their number will be in your reservation email. When returning the E-chopper after the agreed return date and time, we can charge a fee of €50.00 per hour per E-chopper for every hour the E-chopper is returned later.

Can I take someone on the back?2023-08-27T19:48:29+01:00

Yes, you can, children from 8 to 14 years old can ride on the back, with a helmet on. There is a maximum of 130 kg on the E-chopper. Please note that the range of the battery decreases with more weight to around 35KM.

How many kilometers can I drive with the E-chopper without recharging it?2023-08-27T16:45:39+01:00

You can ride at least 50 kilometers without recharging. The range decreases with more weight on the E-chopper (e.g. a child on the back) and depends on driving behavior and environment (hills etc). You can only charge the E-chopper at the start/end point. Definitely NOT charge at general charging points along the way at coffee or lunch stops since it will break the battery!! A new battery is expensive and you will be charged for it, so please do not try and charge the battery outside of the rental location.

Is the E-chopper insured?2023-08-27T18:18:58+01:00

Yes, it is insured for damage to the 3rd party, but it does not cover damage to the E-Chopper and/or theft. So it is advisable to take out a damage-theft waiver option of €3.50 per E-chopper with your booking to reduce the excess.

Can I charge the battery during my trip?2023-08-27T18:14:42+01:00

No this is not possible if you do not have the original battery charger with you. Optionally, you can stop at another E-chopper rental location of ours (see map of rental locations on the website) to charge the E-chopper there, as they have our battery chargers there but this can only be done in consultation with the reception of that location.

Can I get a refund if I return the E-chopper early?2023-08-27T19:44:42+01:00

No, you can’t, since the E-chopper is reserved by time slot and thus held for you until the end time.

Is a helmet mandatory?2023-08-27T18:37:57+01:00

Yes, it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding an E-Chopper in Portugal. The helmet is available at the rental location and does not need to be booked separately. The helmet has good ventilation holes. If you stop along the way, we advise you either keep the helmet with you or use the helmet lock to lock the helmet to the E-chopper, on the handlebars.

What does it cost to rent an E-chopper?2023-08-27T18:34:20+01:00

There are different time blocks and prices offered per location due to location opening hours. If you book at the location via the map, you will see the number available and the price of the rental block displayed.


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